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convegno auro 2020 AURO

Virtual congress 2020

September 17-19, 2020
Co-author of following reports:

Adjustable Single Incision Slings for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence: a Single Center Study.

En Bloc Transuretral Resection of the Bladder.

Narrow Band Imaging Reduces Persistence of Cancer in Patients With PT1 High Grade Bladder Cancer.

Depth of Invasion as a Potential Predictor of Recurrence in Patients Treated with Enbloc-transuretral Resection of the Bladder: a Feasibility Study.

Laparoscpic Simple Prostatectomy: Technical Aspects.

Ixip for the Prediction of Prostate Cancer.

Bipolar Plasma Enucleation ot the Prostate vs Open Prostatectomy in Large Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: a Single Center 3-years Comparison.
convegno 2020-02 New approaches to infertility for couples: from the integrated diagnostic process to the progress of laboratory technology.

Februari 1th 2020

The treatment of male infertility: the urologist's point of view.
convegno 2019-10 Regional AURO Congress: Liguria, Sardegna, Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta.

october 4-5 2019

Endoscopic Treatment of BPH: Resection or Bipolar Enucleation?
convegno 2019-09 SIUT Lazio Region Congress.

Round table: Planet man: prostatitis

September 20-21th 2019
convegno 2019-09-bis AURO Lazio Region Congress.

September 13-14 2019
Moderatore of session:

Minimally invasive tecniques for BPH (Originally in English).
convegno 2019-04 San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital

Department of Surgical Sciences - Urology enter

Heart and Andrology

6 aprile 2019
Speaker at the session "What's new in urology and andrology":

These unknown prostatites.Phytochemicals role in prostatitis..
convegno 2019-03 CRU Macroregional Congress - center Italy .

March 29-30
Third session President:

Plenary discussion topics 1, 2, 3
convegno 2018-11 Biotechnologies in Urology.

November 30 2018
Moderator of session:

Urologists Confontation
convegno 2018-11-SIUT SIUT National Congress.

November 15-16-17 2018.

Phytotherapy and chronic prostatitis: which therapeutic horizons.
convegno 2018-09 AURO Lazio region Congress.

September 14-15 2018.

High-risk neoplasms of the bladder.
convegno 2018-06 Societé Internationale d'Urologie>8th International Meeting - Challenges in Endocrinology

June 17-19 2018

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From 2009 to today, Professor Giulianelli has taken part in over sixty congresses and conferences as author or co-author of over eighty papers.

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