The prostate


prostata 300The prostate is a gland roughly shaped like an inverted chestnut located between the bladder and the penis. Its healthy dimensions are about four centimeters wide, three in height and two deep, with a weight of about twenty grams.
It is crossed by the urethra that comes from the bladder to extend along the penis to the outside.
The prostate is made up of smooth muscle tissue, fibrous muscle tissue and glandular tissue. The ejaculatory ducts flow to the right and left of the prostate, which flow into the urethra, at the height of the "veru montanum". Their function is to drain the sperm, produced by the testicles, contained in the deferential ampoules.
In the center, however, we find the major canal, which is the urethra and which represents the canal through which the urine, contained in the bladder, flows out.
The functions of the prostate in the urinary system of man are multiple and delicate: it contributes to the correct dynamics of urination, provides, at the time of ejaculation, the liquid vehicle of adequate chemism to the millions of sperm that, expelled from the penis, travel in their fertilizing function towards the female ovum.
For various reasons, the subject of causes widely discussed in the scientific field (lifestyle, type of diet, hormonal balance and others), the prostate is subject, generally starting from the thirtieth year of age, to a form of progressive enlargement that can remain silent and asymptomatic for many years. When this enlargement begins to be significant, it becomes symptomatic with manifestations and disorders that are discussed extensively in the various interviews with Professor Giulianelli mentioned in the Video link above. It is very important that a culture that includes preventive and early consultation of a trusted urologist, even in the absence of symptoms, just after the age of thirty, is spread among men - says Professor Giulianelli - to verify the possible growth process of the gland, so as to be able to intervene promptly, with the prescription of appropriate drugs and advice on nutrition and lifestyle, to control this process.

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